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Re: Fandom creative theft


A while ago, beloved Brittana fanfic writer Frogsrcool discovered that IOYCSWIS had been published on Amazon without her consent. I was furious and helped her get it taken down immediately. Tonight I was shocked to read Dylan Hart’s post about her novel theft. That kind of disrespect is…

Holy @#$*&. When I read the part where she was talking about “her” next book— TKTD — I swear I saw red. These novel-length works are time consuming labors of art that require great amounts of talent and effort, research and experience, and have left in the open for us to read FOR FREE in good faith by their authors. I want to know what the plagiarist has to say for herself now that she has been confronted.

I guess we just have to keep our eyes peeled now against this sort of thing.